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Welcome to your WebQuest, my Third Grade Friends!
You have been given a special team with whom you will research a country that has been selected for you. It is your task to become experts on that country and then share your findings with your peers. It may be a bumpy ride, but if you follow this WebQuest and the guidance of your Media Specialist (Mrs. Slater) and your teacher (Mrs. Gottuso), you should have no problems in completing this task successfully! I hope that you enjoy this experience and learn a ton about your country so that you and your peers are ready to be world travelers like me!

All the best!
Your World Traveler Friend, Dynamite!


  1. Europe - Bernd
    • France - Caeden, Wyatt W., Alex, Charles
    • Germany - Desmond, Natalie, Katie S.
    • Greece - Jackson, Sarah A., Jabriel, Edwin
    • Italy - Dolan, Kavian, Sydney
    • Spain - Katie H., Kanyia, Ginny, Kamil
  2. Asia - Conner
    • China - Veronica, Wyatt M., Sterling, Derek
    • India - Amil, Joseph, Ethan
    • Japan - Piper, Margaret B., Caroline, Laughlin
    • Philippines - Mason, Riley, William, Shon
    • Thailand - Grace, Aaliyah, Isabella, Dylan
  3. South America - Gottuso
    • Argentina - Minh, Hunter, Sarah, Sierra, Brady
    • Brazil - Beau, Caroline, Ian, Marin
    • Chile - George, Margaret, Breaisha, Chris
    • Peru - Madeline, Cole, Brady, Tianna
    • Venezuela - Nicholas, Jaxon, Brian, Statton