Students will complete a Biome**[1]** PowerPoint presentation to accomplish the following criteria.
Required parts of the presentation are:
  • A title page
  • An introductory page locating your ecosystem on the world map.
  • The year-round climate of your ecosystem as represented by a graph of the monthly average temperature and rainfall for a city near your ecosystem.
  • Average amount of light received by your ecosystem throughout the year.
  • Typical soil composition of your ecosystem.
  • How the light, temperature, and soil of your system determine the life in your system.
  • A food web of typical plants and animals in your ecosystem. Include major predator-prey relationships and other relationships in the system.[2]
  • 10 consumers for your ecosystem. Include a picture and description. State if they are Herbivore, Carnivore, or Omnivore.
  • 5 producers for your ecosystem. Include a picture and description.
  • One decomposer for your ecosystem. Include a picture and description.
  • Any other interesting facts about your ecosystem. This is the place to wow us with your incredible research skills and get high points!![3]
  • A “works cited” page listing all the web addresses of the sites you used in gathering information for your project.[4]
After you complete your team’s PowerPoint presentation, you will create an outline of your talk, with details! This is due when you give your presentation. Make sure that it is complete and typed. Each group member must know their role in the presentation. Be sure that each member has the same amount of talk time during the presentation.
Your team needs to add anything that will make your presentation really special!

[1] Students have already been assigned their biome
[2] Use PowerPoint to create your own food web
[3] Each team member should contribute
[4] Each team member should keep track of the sources they use while conducting their research. For books, record the author(s), title, publishing company, city and date. For web sources, record the URL and use to create the citation. NC WiseOwl sources often have citations already created for them. See Mrs. Slater if you have questions. When in doubt, make sure you take down enough information to be able to locate the source again.