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Hello and welcome to the process page! Here you will find out exactly the steps in order and what to do for each step. I will also tell you how you will present your information. Important reminder: any research or information you find, you must list the source of where it came from. Please keep a works cited page with your research that lists all the sources of information you used. You will need: the name of the (book, website, journal (and volume #), magazine, etc...), author, and date it was published.

Step 1: Country Facts
1. Research all your country facts. Look at the Task tab on the Dilworth Wiki or print the Task tab to keep with you.
2. You will then compile your information into a powerpoint slideshow presentation.

Step 2: Biome
1. Research all about the major biome in your country.
2. Choose how you want to present your information from the following three options:
a. Create a Glogster about your biome
b. Create a flyer,etc.. from Microsoft Publisher
c. Create a poster with all the information about your biome

Step 3: Group B: Plan a vacation to visit and explore the major biome in your country for 5 days (plus 2 travel days)
1. Locate a major city in your biome that you can fly to from Charlotte.
2. Find a flight from Charlotte to the city you located. List out the date of departure and arrival, times, and the price of the plane ticket. Use the following websites to help you find your flight:,
3. Find a hotel to stay at in your biome so you can visit the biome in your country. Use the websites listed for flights.
4. Research things to do while you are on your vacation. Find one activity to do for 5 different days total. Remember to list the cost for your budget.
5. Add up all your expenses for your trip: flight, hotel, daily activities.
6. Upload pictures of the plane, hotel, and different things you will do on photostory.
7. Record your voice explaining about the flights, hotel, and the activities you will participate in on audacity and then upload on photostory.
8. Create your photostory with the pictures and the narration exactly how you want it.

Step 3: Group: A: PSA (Public Service Announcement)
1. Research different issues within the biome of your country (think of deforestation, killing animals for other purposes, endangered animals, farming, off-shore oil drilling, global warming)
2. Choose one issue to focus on!
3. Use the 5-step writing process to write a persuasive PSA about how the issue is negatively affecting the biome in your country. Remember to start with brainstorming, drafting, revising (adding information, bigger vocabulary), editing, and finally a published copy.
4. Write a solution to how people can help solve the problem (use 5-step writing process).
4. Upload pictures onto photostory that goes along with your issue and your PSA.
5. Record your voice reading your PSA on audacity and upload onto photostory.
6. Create your photostory with the pictures and the narration exactly how you want it.