This is the second year that Dilworth has a subscription to Renaissance Place. With thanks to Media Center parent volunteers last year, the books have been labeled for AR, though you can always check for quizzes at and take a quiz on any title, no matter where you obtain it. For the 2012-2013 school year, you will be receiving more information about when AR will start from your teacher, as well as from Mrs. Slater.

Parents, once AR is up and running this school year, you can stay connected with your student's AR practice by logging into Renaissance Home Connect using your student's AR username and password. You can even set it up to receive emails when your student takes an AR quiz!

The Quest for the Dragon Scales
Once again, students will be on the "Quest for the Dragon Scales" in coordination with their AR practice. Students compete with their Dragon House to collect the most "dragon scales," which are displayed on a dragon tail poster in their grade level hallway. Once a student in 2-5 completes an AR quiz with an 85% correct or higher, they are eligible to receive a "dragon scale" in their House color to place on their grade level dragon tail poster. Individual teachers or grade levels may indicate one day a week for the distribution of "dragon scales." Although K-1 will not participate in AR, they will have an opportunity to earn dragon scales for good behavior and hard work during their literacy block.