Policies & Procedures

The Media Center is open each day from 7:15-3:00. Students attend Media classes weekly, but they can also visit the Media Center to renew, return or check out books on passes, both before and during the school day.

Accelerated Reader books are shelved among the rest of the collection.

Students in kindergarten may check out one book.

Students in grades 1-5 may check out two books.

Books are due one week from check out date, but can be renewed up to two times.

Books that are on hold for other students may not be renewed.

Books that have been checked out for over 30 days are automatically listed as lost by the checkout system. A student with a book listed as lost is not permitted to check out until the book is returned or payment is made. Once payment has been made, the money will be refunded if the book is returned during the current school year and a refund is requested by the parent.

Books are occasionally returned to the public library in error. If this occurs, please let Mrs. Slater know. A note will be added to the student's record and the student will be permitted to check out.

Books that are damaged will incur a damaged book charge of 1/3 the cost of the books. Books with damage that is so severe (i.e. mold, mildew, torn) that the book must be removed will have a charge assessed equal to the replacement cost of the book. The Media Center will order a replacement book that is library bound from a vendor. Encourage your child to bring damaged books to the Media Center staff. The staff will discuss with them how the damage could have been prevented.


Classes visiting the Media Center are either dropped off by their teacher or are met halfway in transition from another Special Area class. Students who are escorted by their teacher wait in line outside of the main entrance to the Media Center and wait for Mrs. Slater to greet them. Upon entering, students place the books they are returning on the Return Book Cart and then proceed to the instructional area being used that day. Students wishing to renew their books should place their books on the counter behind the book cart and retrieve them during book check out time.

Book Check Out

Mrs. Slater will dismiss students to check out books at the end of the instructional time. During this time, students may:
  • Search the shelves for books to check out.
  • Sit quietly and read.
  • Share a book with a friend.
  • Help a friend find a book.
Students may also use the computer for the following reasons without further permission:
  • Use Horizon Information Portal to search for books, make requests, renew books, view their accounts, etc.
  • Use NC WiseOwl for research purposes or to become more familiar with the offered resources.
  • Take an AR quiz or search for AR books.

Student Expectations and Rules:

  • Follow all adult directions.
  • Wear your name tag.
  • Respect all people, all objects and property.
  • Use appropriate language and volume.
  • Clean up work space/instructional area at the end of class.
  • Return all materials on time.
  • No eating, drinking or chewing gum.
  • Use computer and internet appropriately.
  • Sit and stay in assigned seat unless directed otherwise.